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Discounted SD Padres 2018 Game Tickets

Thank you to all of those who joined MSA for the game!

Below is a link where you can access discounted tickets for the rest of the season- feel free to use this for yourself and pass it on to clients as well!

To redeem, please visit and scroll down to find the name – Meagan Maroney.

After clicking the link, follow these simple steps to receive your discounted Padres tickets:

  1. Enter the Password: M2018M (Do not enter email address here)

  2. Select your game from the calendar by clicking the “T” by the game time

  3. Select your seats from the map – sections that are available are highlighted

  4. Click ‘Review Your Selection’ and then finalize the purchase process

  5. Create an account or log in to your pre-existing account

  6. You will receive a confirmation email

Thank you!

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