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MSA/APWA 2017 Equipment "Roadeo" Event Results

Wheel Barrow Course Skills Competition:

1st Place

Ryan Kincade, Vallecitos Water District

59 Seconds

2nd Place

Russell Delmar, City of Carlsbad

1 Min., 02 Seconds

3rd Place

Margarito Corado Hidalgo, City of Chula Vista

1 Min., 05 Seconds

Sign Assembly Skills Competition:

1st Place - Tie

Michael Espudo, City of Carlsbad

3 Min., 09 Seconds

Alberto Gonzales, City of San Diego

3 Min., 09 Seconds

2nd Place

Jerry Condron, City of Encinitas

3 Min., 21 Seconds

3rd Place

Jesse Gonzales, City of Poway

3 Min., 23 Seconds

Backhoe Pin Lift and Tennis Ball Skills Competition:

1st Place

Bobby Bonds, San Diego County Water Authority

2 Min., 50 Seconds

2nd Place

Matt Paxon, City of Encinitas

3 Min., 14 Seconds

3rd Place

Matt Hollingsworth, City of Carlsbad

3 Min., 26 Seconds

Overall "Roadeo" Competition Champions

1st Place

City of Carlsbad, 7 Min., 39 Seconds

2nd Place

City of Encinitas, 7 Min., 41 Seconds

3rd Place

City of San Diego, 8 Min., 03 Seconds

Congratulations to all who participated. Make sure to look at photos of the winners from these events.

The Chapter partnered with the APWA San Diego Chapter to hold their Annual Training and Equipment show at the Carlsbad Safety Training Center on July 6, 2017. EBoard President Gerard Batista came to join our chapter in this great annual event. Approximately 19 Vendor Members participated and set up booths and rolling stock to showcase their services. Our Vendor Members had much to show the over 150 agency members attending from cities throughout San Diego County.

Agency members had opportunities to participate in free training classes: Chainsaw Safety Training to learn the proper way to handle any chainsaw and all new safety regulations (training provided by West Coast Arborists), and Traffic Control Training to learn about single lane closure, shifts, flagging and for on-hands arrow board demos (training provided by Traffic Management, Inc.). The other training was for Dog Awareness to learn how to be aware and defend yourself against dogs while out in the field (training provided by Sit Means Sit - Coastal San Diego). Attendees enjoyed a delicious catered lunch by the Jesse's Rico Tacos Catering.

Agencies were asked to put together a three-person team to compete in the annual skills competition where the perpetual trophy is the coveted prize. Team Encinitas was defending their title from last year. Seven teams from the cities of Carlsbad, Chula Vista, Encinitas, Poway, and San Diego along with Vallecitos Water District and San Diego County Water Authority competed in three competitive skills events:

Backhoe: There were two components to this competition - The Pipe Lift Pin and Tennis Ball.

The Pipe Lift Pin event required the operator to place a pipe lift pin, which was attached to a cable on the backhoe bucket, into and out of the hole on top of three (3) safety cones which were spaced in a semi-circle pattern in the backhoe swing area.

The Tennis Ball event required the operator to remove five (5) separate tennis balls from the top of five (5) safety cones which were spaced in a semi-circle pattern in the backhoe swing area. The tennis balls had to remain in the bucket during attempts of the remaining tennis balls.

Sign Assembly: Competitors raced against the clock to install and disassemble four signs on a pole according to a drawing.

Wheelbarrow: The event required the competitor to navigate their wheelbarrow through an obstacle course. They started the race with three 30-pound sandbags and ran through the obstacle course, stopping to pick up two more sandbags part way through the course, and then drop three sandbags at a location. Then, they continued through the obstacle course to the finish line.

This year, APWA will be sponsoring the 1st and 2nd place competitors in the backhoe skills competition to compete at the 2017 National APWA ROADEO, which is being held in Orlando, Florida.

Team Carlsbad won overall this year beating out Poway, Encinitas, Chula Vista, and San Diego, Vallecitos Water District, and San Diego County Water Authority for this year’s trophy. Carlsbad’s team members were: Russel Delmar, Matt Hollingsworth, and Michael Espudo.

The Chapter is very appreciative of the participating Vendor members and their continued generosity and dedication to the Chapter. The main objective of the event is to provide valuable training and showcase the MSA vendors who provide us the materials, supplies, and equipment needed for Public Works. We thank them all for their continued support.

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