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AskMSA for MSA Members

Please see the communication below from Jerry Dankbar, Website Advisory Committee Chair, about a new way for communication amongst MSA members. Please pass this along to each of your chapter members. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hello MSA members, We are currently using AskMSA as a communication forum on the MSA website for all our members to communicate with each other and get answers to questions or seek information. The forum is working, but not as well as intended to help us create and foster open communication with all of our membership. At the E-Board meeting last Friday in Santa Maria, the Board decided that we would start using Facebook as our communication tool for AskMSA in place of the forum on the website. Most of our members and future members already use Facebook and this would work very well to reach as many of our members as possible. There are two ways to get to the AskMSA Facebook page. One method is to visit the MSA website and click on the AskMSA tab at the top right corner. This will automatically take you to our Facebook group page. The first time you use this page, you will need to ask to become a member of the AskMSA group by clicking on the tab. Your membership will be approved by me or one of our administrators and you will become a member of the closed group. Since this is a closed group, only MSA members that have been accepted into the group will see your posts. A second way to join the group is to go directly to the Facebook page and click on the tab requesting to become a member. If you are not a Facebook member, you will need to create an account with login/password. Please let me know if you have any questions or need assistance in using AskMSA. Jerry Dankbar Street Maintenance Superintendent Public Works - Street Maintenance City of Roseville 2005 Hilltop Circle Roseville, CA 95747 (916) 774-5790 (916) 774-5756 fax

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