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Occupational and Non-Credit Programs

Public Works Management

The following courses are offered in cooperation with the American Public Works Association and the Maintenance Superintendents Association and are part of Palomar College's PUBLIC WORKS MANAGEMENT Certificate and Associates Degree programs.

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Spring 2021 Schedule

Public Works Management classes are designed for Public Works field personnel to develop and upgrade their technical and supervisory skills in the changing environment of Public Works, and are taught by experienced Public Works professionals.  These classes are from a series of nine Public Works courses offered by Palomar College, leading to a Certificate of Achievement and/or an Associate in Arts Degree in Public Works Management. 


The courses in the Public Works Management series include: 

  • Introduction to Public Works

  • Street Construction and Maintenance

  • Asphalt and Portland Cement

  • Public Works Inspection

  • Public Works Administration

  • Plan Interpreting and Cost Estimating

  • Parks and Landscape Maintenance

  • Supervision

  • Discharge Compliance Fundamentals

CLASSES Start the week of February 1, 2021.
ENROLLMENT:  Apply to Palomar College on-line; or call Palomar College 760/744-1150, ext. 2284 for admission information.  Upon enrolling, students will receive an I.D. number and registration date.

Classroom space is limited so register now!!!!!!!!


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