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MSA/APWA 2018 Equipment "Roadeo" Event Results

Pictured from left to right (Jesse “Ice Man” Gomez, Xavier Mendez, Tony Ulloa, Rudy Cancio, Esteban Barajas, Margarito Corado, and Mike Capone

The Annual Training, Vendor Demo, Equipment Show & Competition for MSA and APWA was held on July 12, 2018 at Rohr Park in the City of Chula Vista who hosted the event. There were 32 vendors who set up booths and rolling stock to showcase their services. Our Vendor Members had much to show the over 300 agency members attending from cities throughout San Diego County. EBoard President Xavier Mendez was also in attendance and provided great support to the group. There were 12 four-person teams competing for the MSA trophy and 24 operators competed for master operator. The competitions consisted of five events: Backhoe Skills, Skid Steer Skills, Mini-Excavator Skills, Sign Assembly, and Wheelbarrow Skills with the team having the best overall combined time win the MSA perpetual trophy as the coveted prize and bragging rights. APWA sponsored the top two equipment operators to compete at the 2018 APWA PWX National APWA ROADEO in Kansas City. Amber Dahl from 811 Digalert provided attendees with training on Underground Safety Awareness.

Team Chula Vista won overall this year beating out all the others for this year’s trophy. Chula Vista’s team members were: Jesse "Ice Man" Gomez, Esteban Barajas, Margarito Corado, and Mike Capone.

The Chapter is very appreciative of the participating Vendor members and their continued generosity and dedication to the Chapter. The main objective of the event is to provide valuable training and showcase the MSA vendors who provide us the materials, supplies, and equipment needed for Public Works. We thank them all for their continued support.

Wheel Barrow Skills Competition:

1st Place

Tony Cepeda, San Diego County Water Authority

1 min., 1 second

2nd Place

Sean McRory, City of Encinitas

1 Min., 2 seconds

3rd Place

Margarito Corado, City of Chula Vista

1 Min., 4 Seconds

Mario Serrano, City of Vista

1 min., 4 Seconds

Sign Assembly Skills Competition:

1st Place - Tie

David Hernado, Vallecitos Water District

2 Min., 29 Seconds

2nd Place

Esteban Garcia, City of El Cajon

2 Min., 34 Seconds

3rd Place

Arturo Garcia, City of San Diego

2 Min., 38 Seconds

Backhoe Operator Competition:

1st Place

John Brown, San Diego County Water Authority

1 Min., 35 Seconds

2nd Place

Bobby Bond, San Diego County Water Authority

1 Min., 36 Seconds

3rd Place

Bryce Greschke, City of Poway

1 Min., 51 Seconds

Skid Steer Operator Competition:

1st Place

Brian Smith, City of La Mesa

1 Min., 40 Seconds

2nd Place

Derek Imoto, City of Encinitas

2 Min., 11 Seconds

3rd Place

John Brown, San Diego County Water Authority

2 Min., 33 Seconds

Mini Excavator Operator Competition:

1st Place

Geovanni Meza, City of El Cajon

38 Seconds

2nd Place

John Collingwood, City of San Diego

39 Seconds

3rd Place

Bobby Bond, San Diego County Water Authority

47 Seconds

Overall "Roadeo" Competition Champions

1st Place

City of Chula Vista, 9 Min., 56 Seconds

2nd Place

City of El Cajon, 10 Min., 26 Seconds

3rd Place

San Diego County Water Authority, 11 Min., 5 Seconds

Congratulations to all who participated. Make sure to look at photos of the winners from these events.

Summary of Competitions

The first task is to pick up the basketball placed on the cone. The cone may be touched with any part of the bucket, but if the ball is knocked off it will only be placed back on the cone by the judge one time. The second task is to maneuver the bucket starting at the furthest opening of the PVC lined maze while the basketball remains in the bucket. Continue through the obstacle without letting the teeth of the bucket to rise above the PVC piping. Task three will be to drop the basketball in the trash can without touching the trash can. Once the basketball is dropped in the trash can there will be a finish line marked on the floor that must be crossed from left to right in order for the judge to stop the time.

The object is to reach the bucket and boom over the top of the barricade and knock off each of the tennis balls without hitting the barricade or cones. The cones with the tennis balls will be placed slightly in front of the barricade. Once all the tennis balls have been knocked off the operator will then need to place their bucket on to the rubberized cone base in order for the judge to stop the timer.

The first task is to navigate the machine through the cones to the right where a barricade will

be stationed. Behind the barricade is a tennis ball on a cone. The operator must raise the bucket over the top of the barricade and knock off the tennis ball without touching the barricade or cone.

The second task is to navigate the machine in reverse through the opening directly behind the barricade obstacle. Then proceed forward turning into the three evenly spaced apart barrels obstacle. This will be a slalom maneuver where the machine must be on the right side of the first barrel as it enters this portion of the course.

Task three is to navigate the machine through the opening on the left side of the course then proceed to reverse the machine into the coned off dock. The back of the machine will need cross a line that will be painted on the ground before the next task can be started or points will be added.

Task four will be to pick up a basketball placed on a cone with the bucket and drop the basketball in to a trash can. The cone may be hit in order to get the basketball in the bucket.

Once the basketball is dropped into the trash can or hits the ground the time will stop.

Sign Assembly: Competitors raced against the clock to install and disassemble four signs on a pole according to a drawing.

Wheelbarrow: The event required the competitor to navigate their wheelbarrow through an obstacle course. They started the race with three 30-pound sandbags and ran through the obstacle course, stopping to pick up two more sandbags part way through the course, and then drop three sandbags at a location. Then, they continued through the obstacle course to the finish line.

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