Welcome to the MSA San Diego Area Chapter

The Maintenance Superintendents Association is supported by a membership comprised of Municipal, County, State and Special District employees who are responsible for, and dedicated to the cost effective maintenance of the Public infrastructure, and the vendors who supply them with the equipment, materials and technical support to carry out this vital mission. The Association is also dedicated to the ongoing education of its members and the dissemination of available safety procedures.

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MSA San Diego Area Chapter     PO Box 10   Poway, CA  92074

2015 Annual Conference PicturesNews/Entries/2015/11/8_MSA_Annual_Conference_Pictures_-_2015.htmlNews/Entries/2015/11/8_MSA_Annual_Conference_Pictures_-_2015.htmlNews/Entries/2015/11/8_MSA_Annual_Conference_Pictures_-_2015.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0shapeimage_4_link_1